What are MyTattooist Ads

Explain where their ad will be placed and the options they have in relation to this ads placement, also the size the advertisement will have to be in.

How do I create an advertisement

You simply email us at with your query and we will respond within hours.

Can MyTattooist design your advertisement

Yes we certainly can, for a small fee we can design your perfect ad to fit right into our site perfectly.

What do ads cost

The cost varies and you are best to contact us at to get an accurate quote.

Who do ads target

Our advertisements target 100% of users, for the month your ad is ran live, you will be seen by all users that are active in that month period.

Can I adjust my ad during the campaign

Yes you can make any adjustment to your ad within the time period that your ad is live.

How do I measure results

We will give you a report of all live users for the time period your advertisement was live so you can see exactly how many people viewed your advertisement.